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I heard this on the local news this morning and my stomach turned over with anger and sadness.

What is wrong with people? How can you deny the Holocaust? How is it that people can be so stupid, so hateful, so heartless? How could anyone try to physically harm a 78-year-old man, especially a heroic man like Elie Weisel?

Police Investigate Assault Of Holocaust Survivor Weisel

POSTED: 6:31 am PST February 10, 2007
UPDATED: 6:37 am PST February 10, 2007

Police are investigating an incident in which Nobel Peace laureate and Holocaust scholar Eli Wiesel was roughed up and dragged from an elevator, possibly by a Holocaust denier, during a peace conference at a San Francisco hotel last week.

Police said the assailant approached Wiesel in an elevator Feb. 1 at the Argent Hotel and requested an interview. When Wiesel consented to talk in the hotel's lobby, the man insisted it be done in a hotel room and dragged the 78-year-old off the elevator on the sixth floor, police Sgt. Neville Gittens said. The assailant fled after Wiesel began to scream, and Wiesel went to the lobby and called police.

Gittens said police have launched a criminal investigation. He said investigators were aware of a posting at an anti-Semitic Web site in which a man claimed responsibility for the attack, but declined to comment further. The Web site is registered in Australia. Australian police said that they had not received a request from U.S. officials seeking help in the investigation.

Wiesel couldn't be immediately reached for comment at Boston University, where he teaches, or through his institute in New York. Wiesel, who survived the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald during World War II, has worked for human rights in many parts of the world and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

Copyright 2007 by KTVU.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved.

The news report I heard this morning said it was thought that the attacker was connect to those idiots that claim the Holocaust did not happen.

Tell that to her.(neighborhood only post because it has family photos).

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