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I had a most lovely dinner with the extraordinary Deborah at Xanh in Mountain View and then got to meet my "sister in spirit", Tama Kieves tonight.

When I sat down to have her sign my book, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do I know you? I feel like we've met before."

I told her that I felt the same way reading her book on a flight back from New York back in December. And despite us both living in Denver at the same time, I doubted we'd ever met in person before. I called her my "sister in spirit".


Having read her one-and-only book, for me there wasn't much new she said. But I came away from hearing her speak tonight with a renewed sense of purpose and a solid boost of the energy I felt jump off the page from her.  I smiled through most of the 90 minute talk and question and answer session. And she did dole out one very sound piece of advice, "don't ever take advice from unhappy people."

So with that, I will advise you to read her book. I think it particularly resonates with woman...especially women over 30. I bought 12 copies back in December and gave away 10 of them already. But don't wait yourself, just read it...and then let's talk about it. Seriously, how many times can I say this?

Here's just a little recap post in photos before I call it a night. I'm smiling and re-energized.

Waiting for Deb. I'm earlyPappaya saladGrapefruit salad 2Grapefruit salad



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