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On Vox: Meisha on the mend

Meisha slept all night and in the morning he seemed just as exhausted as the night before.






He was still listless and limping, his eyes were draining and all gooped up, his breathing sounded really bad and he wouldn't eat or drink anything. We decided to take him to see the after-hours vet.

The vets and techs were compassionate and thourough. And it was a very busy day at the emergency animal clinic.

While we were there, it was sad to be witness to one puppy being put down and a young woman in tears hearing the news and another dog being brought in wrapped in a blanket by a couple who had just witnessed it being hit by a car. The owner hadn't been contacted yet and the man who witnessed the accident was in tears over this little dog that wasn't even his own.   

We also saw smiling pet owners and their very happy animals heading home after being treated. It was so cute to see this couple come in with their four year old daughter who was waving her arms around shouting "emergency emergency emergency!". Her doggie had a cut on his foot, that clearly wasn't an emergency, but she was getting into the drama of it with the gutso only a four year old can bring the situation.  

The folks at the ER seemed genuinely like good people who enjoyed their jobs despite having to deal with so many problems and people's high emotions indoors on this beautiful sunny warm Sunday.

Vet ERCat Doctoremergency vet hospitalvet looks at meisha's xray

At first they scared us with all kinds of possible illnesses and injuries he could have; they thought Meisha might even have to stay overnight, :-(

But after x-rays, blood and urine analysis, IV fluids and some meds, he ended up spending just about 4 hours in their care. Here's the diagnosis:

  • upper respiratory infection -- but not pneumonia
  • dehydration with slight elevation in something indicating kidney problems and possible gastrointestinal bleeding -- she thought that the kidney and blood might be a result of eating something rough or poisonous while he was out and about
  • no broken bones or fractures - but pretty severe arthritis in his hips and rear leg joints that was probably acting up as a result of being out all night on his feet walking or running
  • an enlarged heart -- she thought it was a result of the shelter giving him too much fluid too fast to rehydrate him, but he needs to have this checked again tomorrow at his regular vet
  • low potassium level


The vet said what Meisha had been through was "like a lttle old man who had been thrown from a train who then spent the whole night wandering around lost outside and then was picked up by the police and locked away in a homeless shelter for 36 hours."  As if we didn't feel bad enough already!

But she was right, at 11 years old, he's no kitten, even though he usually thinks he is. Meisha's always been a pretty fearless little dude, I wonder if this experience is going to shake the little guy's self-confidence. I hope it makes him less likely to want to wander the backyard like it's his own private Serongetti!   

A pile of money later, he's now on antibiotics, eye drops, some vitamin/mineral paste and some stomach coating pink stuff that looks like Pepto-Bismal.

And later today he walked stumbled around the house a bit, slept a lot and seemed to be feeling a bit better. Tonight he's still dozing on AB's bed, but he's started to drink water, eat a few bits of food when we brought it up to him on the bed and he generally has begun to seem like his old self again.

He's not to stable on his feet, so we're mostly carrying him around. But that's not too unusual. We like to carry him around and he likes being a big baby.

carrying our little man aroundhe's waking upflashbacks in the backyard

Again, thanks so much for all your interest and concern. It's been great to go through this weekend knowing that so many people were as concerned about our Meisha-man as we were.  

Originally posted on patty.vox.com