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On Vox: If I were your therapist...

I majored in psychology when I got my private school, very liberal arts undergraduate degree. People would always ask me if I wanted to be a therapist. I didn't. I was more interested in social psychology, personality assessment, communication and people in groups. I used to say that I would probably be the worst therapist in the world, because after a session or two I'd start to think to myself and eventually start to say things like..."enough! get over it already. Move the hell on. Come on -- seriously?, Don't you hear how dysfunctional you sound? Even YOU have got to be bored with hearing this drivel over and over again, aren't you? I know I am." 

I was reminded of my stock answer to the "Are you going to be a therapist" question, when I saw this video from Mad TV that Deborah posted.

I am a personal believer in the benefits of therapy. There are just times in every person's life when you need to go get your mental check up and have your brain screwed back on straight. But then again, there are times when you need this kind of therapy too. What's the cliche? Laughter is the best medicine? If you're ever in need, just play this video...or imagine coming to see me for advice!




Originally posted on patty.vox.com