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As you can probably detect by my recent choices for 80's Music Fridays, I was am partial to what was known as  "The Minneapolis Sound" (Prince, The Time, Alexander O'Neal, Jesse Johnson) and I take a liking to disco, dance, R&B and soulful ballads and blues no matter what city they're from.

Sure, I loved the TomTom Club, Divo, Madonna, the Police , the Go-Go's, the Eurythmics and the rest, but throw down a funky beat and this girl from Funkytown just couldn't resist.

Enjoy three of my favorites from back in the day. Tell me you don't just wanna belt this first one out really loud? If you do, I guarantee it will make you feel good all over.

And if you can just sit there and not want to move your hips across a dance floor with Miss Nenah Cherry or Lipps Inc, I don't know what's wrong with you. You just must not have the funk in ya sister or brother!

Originally posted on patty.vox.com