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I have a MySpace profile. I have it because I need to for the work;  to current on all the latest social media blah blah blah. As you may know, I am also single. For some reason lately, maybe because I have been signing on more frequently and adding friends to test-drive the site, I've been getting "personals/dating" type friend requests peppered in with the various offers for Cialis, stock tips and low interest home loans. I usually skim the requests and the profile for amusement, but with a click I "delete" them in order to get in and out of the hell that is MySpace quickly.

Today however I was particularly amused by a 46-year-old gent from Eau Claire, Wisconsin who , while presenting a handsome look, seemed to not entirely have control of the language or punctuation. I admit, I am prone to not capitalizing in emails and often will miss a word or leave a trail of typos in my fast communication, but I'm not often one to insult someone I'm trying to impress.

Is it possible to tell if someone is "petty" just from their picture?

Oh, and this is good too. The subject line of the email read: "I CARE", yes, in all caps.


I was scanning through the web when your beautiful profile caught my eyes,i was carried away by your sexy face ,and just said to myself that i need to know this petty woman .Thats why i am sending you this mail,so i can get to know you better and see if we are compatible. So i'll want to know if you 've a yahoo address,so we can get to chat online.take care of yourself,i await your reply. smith from WISCONSIN
Smith abbey


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