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On Vox: Ten Random Things About Me Meme

Somebody tagged me, I think it was Shannon. But I did this already awhile back...a public version ::link:: and another set of stuff for friends and family only ::link::

I don't know how much more I can come up with. At least not as good as some I've been reading!

I really should be sleeping, but I'll give it a shot:

  1. Damn. I can only come up with stuff that I don't really want public....okay, think. think...damn it. Everything I think of I'd rather not make public...hmmmm....
  2. I've never been arrested. Yet. I suppose there is still time. I sometimes have this irrational guilty fear that I'm going to be false accused of a crime and end up having to defend myself and no one will believe my innocence.
  3. I've never been called for jury duty (Until today! and I'm thrilled. I was beginning to get a complex thinking something was wrong with me).
  4. I have applied to, been accepted and admitted to law school twice. I changed my mind both times and never enrolled. But I had to take the grueling LSAT test two separate times because there was too much time lapsed between them. I would have made a helluva good litagator, but I wanted to work for the Children's Defense Fund.
  5. I used to bite my fingernails until they would bleed. (Oh lordy, should that gross fact be public? Should I mention it at all?)
  6. I have no tattoos and no piercings other than in my ears. My right ear has a second hole pierced. Oh I know; I'm such a rebel. I do have a mole in an odd place. No, I will not show you.  
  7. I once threw the book "Anger" by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh at boyfriend in snowy alley in the winter in the heat of a long and frustrating argument. Can you say "ironic"?
  8. I start to cry almost every time at the start of a concert, a theater production (especially musicals) and performances of almost any type. It's so weird. It started after my daughter was born. I remember thinking how strange is it that I am sitting here at the beginning of "Sesame Street On Ice" and crying?! I'm not as bad as I was several years ago, but I still can get easily choked up when the lights go down or th music begins. It happened at the start of seeing the Dalai Lama recently, at the opening number in Jersey Boys and at Cirque du Solei -- all within the past several months. It's especially bad at a performance or public event with AB in it. Hand me some tissue, please.
  9. Shoot. Thought of another not-for-public consumption item. Must think of something less personal...Okay, I lived in Hawaii for a year. Did I say that in the other lists linked above? It was 1982-83, what should have been my junior year in college, but I took a year leave of absence and lived on the Big Island. My first non-internship job in media was there. I went snorkeling 5 of 7 mornings each week; that was an early form of daily meditation for me.
  10. Crap. Another one that I shouldn't make public comes to mind. Oh hell...so I can wrap this up, let's just get it over with and tell you that I have a list of anyone I've ever slept with. You do too, right? Everyone does, right?  Tell me that you all keep such a list? Maybe not in Excel like I do, but somewhere, right?   

Originally posted on patty.vox.com