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I posted this on Craig's List, but thought I should also let the Bay Area Vox peeps know about it too.

4 tickets to SOLD OUT Arcade Fire show Friday June 1 - $40 each

I thought I could go, but now I can't. Bummer for me; good times for you!

I have four (4) tickets (hard, NOT e-ticket, NOT will-call) to see Arcade Fire at the Greek Theater in Berkeley this Friday night at 8 pm. Tickets says General Admission (GA), but do show Row G7, seat 527, 528, 529, and 530. Not sure why that is, but my friend says her tickets for Saturday are the same way. I am pretty sure both shows and these tickets are GA however.

Will sell for $40 each (face value) or best offer. Arrange to get them now before they're gone! I am willing to sell them through eBay too for added buyer assurance if you want. I've got over 100 positive feedbacks there and a 100% positive rating as a buyer and seller.

I *might* be open to trading 2 or all 4 of them for tickets to Saturday's show, Possibly. Just ask. If I went on Saturday, I could go with Laurel and crew. But I'm more eager to just see that these tickets to this fabulous show get into some appreciative music lovers hands. I made new plans for Friday already.

I'll be in San Jose most of the week, but will be in the Dublin area on Wednesday and could coordinate a time to have you buy or us swap the tickets someplace mutually convenient. Could also Fed Ex them to you for additional cost.

Voxers can just PM me if you're interested.

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