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On Vox: QotD: Do Not Want (To Eat)

What do you absolutely refuse to eat?

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  • brussel sprouts
  • beans (exceptions are made for fresh green or yellow bean and black bean); especially loathsome to me are lima or refried beans
  • sweet potatoes, yams or squash of any kind
  • beets
  • Peeps
  • Tapioca pudding
  • our family recipe for something called "glorified rice"...which I called horrified rice
  • liver in any form, including fancy pates. In fact, nothing that was one of another creatures organs - any organs.
  • sauerkraut, which rules out Reuben sandwiches
  • oysters, especially in a creamy stew (i am gaggind just thinking about it)
  • clam chowder, especially the white creamy kind
  • herring, pickled or otherwise
  • sardines
  • gefilte fish
  • ham salads
  • tuna hotdish (or casseroles for you non-Minnesotans)
  • bologna and certainly not hot dogs
  • cooked carrots if they're whole or in large pieces
  • any meat with a fruit glaze or sauce on it, sweet and meat should not marry
  • even though I have a whole tree full of them in the backyard, I'm not fond of apricots
  • Starburst candies (I barfed up a whole bag of them as a kid and can't even look at them to this day).

Originally posted on patty.vox.com