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Thanks everyone for the well wishes, calls, IMs, tweets and various other ways of letting me know you care. I'm a wee bit better today thanks to anti-dizziness medication, but it's still hard to keep my eyes open and not feel like I'm just off an amusement park ride. The meds for the spinning make me real groggy, so if you see me online or talk to me on the phone, know that I'm only about at about 30% brain capacity and either just waking up from a nap or about to fall asleep mid-sentence.

Diagnosis: positional vertigo. It sounds sort of suggestive...almost, but it's not and it's not fun. It's caused by something whacky in the inner ear thing or so they think. But it's one of those things they don't really know much about what causes it or what makes it better.

I experienced this once 6 yrs ago just as bad. I was in Phoenix at a conference for work and it came on as suddenly just like this time. The only difference is that Tuesday night I was driving down the highway at 70 m.p.h. when it hit me. I had to go the hospital that time too because I wasn't able to stand up without spinning and barfing.

Think about the worst case of the drunked bed spins you can imagine and then imagine you haven't drank and it doesn't stop.

I have to close my eyes now, looking at the screen don't help matters any. Just wanted you all to know that I'm OK and hope (need) to be upright and better real soon.

I'm jumping the gun on 80's Music Friday because it's so obvious. Enjoy!

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