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On Vox: a work and a life in progress

The move was supposed to be finished yesterday, but it's not yet.

The wonderful, but short-staffed, crew got us packed and moved up the peninsula, but it got too late last night and the majority of the boxes and furnishings still need to be unloaded this morning. I can't really write much more about it, but I did take some mobile pictures while we waited for the movers at the new house yesterday. Soon all our things will be in one place again and the really hard work of sorting, organizing and settling in can begin.

the chaise has some plants nowthe landscapers weren't heresitting under one of the citrus treesFrankie laying claim to his central control positionview of the garden from office abovelook in before stuff arrivesKuan Yin by the rain bowlfront doorat least we can vacuum

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