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D. H. Lawrence unpublished quote from the Modern Library edition’s introduction to “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”:

So it must be: a voyage apart in the same direction. Grapple the two vessels together, lash them side by side, and the first storm will smash them to pieces. This is marriage, in the bad weather of modern civilization.

But leave the two vessels apart, to make their voyage to the same port, each according to its own skill and power, and an unseen life connects them, a magnetism which cannot be forced. And that is marriage as it will be when all this is broken down.

Also from D.H. Lawrence, a little wish for all of us, but especially for people and couples on their separate voyages in the same direction.

I love this quote.

“May you have the courage of your tenderness.”

I found these snippets in a sweet little article by Rabbi Marc Gellman about what makes a successful marriage, I have to agree with him about love being seen in evidence of touch and laughter.

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