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On Vox: QotD: Happy Voxiversary!

QotD: Today is Vox's first anniversary since the official launch.  What's the best experience you've had on Vox in the past year?

I've been on Vox since before the "official launch", so to me there's more to cull through to answer this question than there is for some. But even so, there are way too many wonderful experiences I've had as a result of keeping this little blog than I could  describe completely one post to answer the QotD.

Plus, I'm not big on "best" kinds of lists or designations in any event. How can I pick just one "favorite" anything? There's too much to choose any singe thing as best. I can't answer any "what's your favorite"- type of question so this one is particularly hard.

See this post about the archives of my Vox experience to get a flavor of the many many experiences I've had and treasure as a result of Vox:

Making new best friends.

Having some amazing work experiences.

Working through the ins and outs of creating a vision for my life.


And posting a recipe for limoncello and getting the a response to it that can only be described as magical.

Happy One Year Anniversary Vox! I can't thank you enough.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com