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On Vox: QotD: On The iPhone...

Over a million iPhones have been sold.  Have you: bought one, considered it, or decided it's not for you?

Lots of my friends have them, as evidenced at a recent gathering at my house.

But because I have these fingernails, I can't use the touchscreen keyboard on the iPhone.  Unlike the touchscreen on my T-Mobile MDA, the iPhone needs to have skin contact to work. That was the main reason I didn't get one. And I thought there were over-priced. And I don't like first generation gadgets. And they don't use push email and I must have my immediate email on my "device". And I'm not big needing to have music or photos on me at all times. A camera, yes, but an MP3 player, whatever. All that resulted in me getting a Blackberry Curve when all my friends were jumping on the iPhone train.

I do like having a Blackberry again. Sure it's got its bugs and bumps too, but it's much better than that Windows Mobile piece of crap I used for over a year.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com