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On Vox: Idols everywhere

If you're a fan of the show, you might be interested to know that I've seen my fourth American Idol in person (not in concert, I haven't paid to see any yet).

As my daughter will attest, the first sighting was when I cornered the lovely and talented Nadia Turner on a street corner in New York and put her on the phone to talk to AB back home. Nadia was there with Mario Vasquez, who's famous for bowing out of Season 4 and wearing that silly hate. She was very nice and chatted with Annabelle for several minutes. It doesn't appear that her career's gone much of anywhere though.

A few weeks ago, I saw the even-hotter-in-person-if-that-is-possible Constantine Maroulis at LAX. My former boss had a horrible crush on him an would during the season Constantine was smoldring up the Idol stage. She would ask me the next day if I'd seen his performance. To which we would both swoon like and gush about his incredible hotness. Thankfully, I wasn't able to get my phone camera out in time to make an ass of myself at the airport. But I did call Annabelle to tell her about the brush with Constantine and swoon.

And then on Friday, I saw one of Idols who made it further in the competition than the others. Kimberly Locke came in third (behind Clay Aiken and Rueben Studdard) in season two. She was at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco on Friday might. She was being honored for her work with Camp Heartland and performed at the Under One Roof event I attended. She sang three songs, one of which I captured on video but managed to record it with no sound. So you'll have to trust me that she sounded great. She also seemed funny, smart and real.

I wonder which Idol I'll bump into next?


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