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Sujatin shared this with video with me on Facebook and now I'm sort of obsessed with finding out more about this little electric car made in Canada called the ZENN (zero emission no noise)  

If you want more detailed information, here's a little infommercial below with the company's CEO.

What looks like the deal breaker on this car is that it doesn't go nearly fast enough and it doesn't go very far on a single charge. Okay for commuting round the city perhaps, but not at all practical for most of the driving I will be doing next year. Another issue is where do you plug it in away from home? Pirating a power outlet to charge your cell phone is one thing, to charge your car...well, I think that's pushing it.

It's ridiculous that here in Europe almost ALL the cars get better gas mileage than ANY of the cars in the US. I'm passively in the market for a new car and there's just something really wrong when you can't find any car that gets more than 30 miles to a gallon, even some of the hybrids are in the mid 20s.   

There is a ZENN dealer in Berkeley. Maybe when I get back to California I'll test drive one. I have a pre-order in on a SMART car too. Who knows, I might just stick with what I have until someone comes up with something that's functional, effecient and looks good.  


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