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My laptop computer's in the shop. The iMac that I'm on is so loaded down with stuff and seriously old that I can take naps between opening a browser window and a Word document at the same time. Plus I'm teethered to a desk.

Me no likey being tied to a desky.

I can't seem to get anything done without the computer (pay bills, send out invoices, add people to my contacts or appointments to my calendar, get photos off my camera or my phone, chat with friends in foreign lands...) and it's making me realize how dependent I am on a computer. Can you say completely? I can.

Now I must stop typing this because the Wells Fargo browser page finally loaded and if I don't get back to it soon I'll be logged out for inactivity. And I'm leaving soon to go have a drink with friends. I'm sure one of us will moblog it.

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