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On Vox: Hedging My Political Bets

I'm not yet taking sides, but being torn is benefiting both candidates because tonight I made a contribution to both the Clinton and the Obama campaigns while procrastinating on work I should be doing.

While on each of their websites I was reminded of how impressed I was by both Obama and John Edwards for being all over the social networking and social media sites. For a time I even had them both as Flickr and Twitter friends, but the updates got to be too much, so I dumped them both.

Obama's official website is better (easier navigation, more information, more professional and less political looking) than Clinton's, but her Facebook site' is better than his, in my professional opinion. I love how both of them really know how to use video to it's full potential for connecting one-to-one. There's BarakTV and HillaryTV chock full of videos. I especially liked The Hillary I Know, which also has it's own URL.

Hillary's official head shot, which I'd not seen before, is pretty amazing and makes for a beautiful portrait. Can I use this Richard Phibbs to take my next set of PR photos?

Originally posted on patty.vox.com