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On Vox: My So Called Update

Yeah I'm busy. So who isn't?

Yeah, I'm thinking life would be sweeter if I actually saw the love of my life everyday instead of being apart for weeks at a time and having to survive on text messages and the occasional over-priced phone call in the middle of the night to stay connected.

Yeah, the house is a mess and there are bills that haven't been paid and taxes that need to be prepared.

Yeah. I have a teenager, a teenager daughter mind you.

Yeah, I don't have time to blog or take pictures or keep in touch in any meaningful way with my friends or family.


Yeah, I have my fair share of stuff to complain about, but overall I'm still very lucky and my life is good.


I have a great new job that's keeping me challenged, interested and recession proof.

The man I love is smart, driven and, both professionally and personally, a super star.

We have a home that I love in a place that I've always wanted to live and I can pay the mortgage.

I have wonderful, supportive and life long friends that don't require care and feeding to like or love me. 

My daughter is, by almost any standard you want to measure, an A plus person.

Nothing's going to disappear from my life if I don't have time to write about it or take a picture.

I am grateful for the people and things in my life even if I haven't been stopping by here enough to remind myself of just how lucky I am.


Originally posted on patty.vox.com