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On Vox: Hungry for more?

I made an entire post about our Nevada vacation, and the weekend at home illustrated with pictures and everything and Vox ate it. Yep, just like that, pooft, presto chango and it's gone!

Well, bite me, but I can't recreate it now, I'm on a business trip. Funny isn't it, I don't post anything for ages and then when I do, the universe conspires to play magic tricks and cause it to vanish in thin air.

There are photos in my photo library here (the whole set's on Flickr) as evidence that the post existed for a brief period during composition. Oh well...we Buddhists must find more ways to learn the lessons of impermanence.

I'll muster up the last part of the post again though, because I still do have my non-spiritual attachments. We bought a BBQ this weekend for the backyard and Dave christened it with a spectacular spicy chicken caesar salad and grilled corn on the cob. Yummmmm.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com