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On Vox: That "Literally Is Not True"

I am so glad that the media, and private citizens, and anyone else with access to a computer, are taking McCain to task for the lies, distortions and dirty politics.

Tell me this man doesn't know he's lying?

"As if to quash the emerging news narrative that John McCain is afraid of the press after going a full month without holding a press conference, the Republican nominee's campaign made the candidate available last night to a local television station in Maine.

If they thought McCain would come under less intensive fire than he would from the national press, however, the campaign was mistaken. Rob Caldwell, a dogged reporter for WCHS, pressed McCain repeatedly on Gov. Sarah Palin's qualifications for the vice presidency."  (From The Huffington Post)

This reporter in Maine should get an award for this interview.

Answer Some Tough Questions Mr. McCain

Originally posted on patty.vox.com