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On Vox: Breakfast To Nowhere

My 16 year old tells me this morning that my Vox blog has become overtaken with politics and I should consider just sending people to the Huffington Post instead. Okay, here, off you go.

This comment, complete with teenage eye roll, came after I made delicious hot perogies for breakfast! Such is the life with a teenager.

She's right, I am fired up about this election and the Sarah Palin nomination only made me more concerned for the future of this country. 

But this morning while making breakfast before my daughter woke up, I thought to myself, these perogies are turning out perfectly browned, I should take a picture and post it like I used to do all the time on Vox.

Then I thought, well...posting what I make for a meal isn't that interesting to me or to anyone else anymore. After a couple of years of "personal blogging", there's only so much you can say or show of your day-to-day existence before you and your friends start to yawn and think ho-hum.

But I'm posting the tasty potato pockets I made anyhow.

And as I write this, the only thing I can think of to add about our breakfast is to confess that I did not actually "make" the perogis with my own hands. I took them out of the freezer, boiled them and then fried them up in butter with fresh basil. So I cooked them, but I did not actually "make them" from scratch.

Sort of like Sarah Palin "put a plane on Ebay", but didn't actually sell it there. Sort of like saying she has "executive experience" even though I've managed companies with bigger budgets than that little town and I doubt you (or McCain or Obama) would consider me qualified to be the CEO of the United States.

And the other thought that occurs to me is that this afternoon I took my daughter, who happens to be considered the best "female" debater in the District, to an event to show off her skills in logic, reasoning and pursuasion to freshman high school student considering joining their school's debates team. While it irks me that the term "female" was put in after "best" by some people organizing this event and it's disheartening that there are still fewer girls than boys in debate, I'm happy that she's spending her weekends this way and that I'm not taking her to a prenatal check up or to shop for a suitable maternity wedding dress.   

Originally posted on patty.vox.com