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On Vox: In Minnesota No Less!

Via the Minnesota Independent, via America Blog

A McCain/Palin supporter compared Obama to mass murderer Charles Manson during a rally for "First Dude" Todd Palin and Republican Senator Norm Coleman (who is about to lose to former Saturday Night Live writer and performer, Al Franken) in Minnesota.

Seems that no one at the McCain/Palin rally did anything about it. How is it that this person even got into the rally with his own sign? These kind of things are often stopped at the door, since the campaign doesn't want the wrong messages - or worse, protesters, raising signs in front of the candidates. Apparently, the hateful type of protestor is okay by the McCain/Palin event handlers because a sign comparing Obama to a mass murderer somehow managed to slip through.

Speaking of Saturday NIght Live, I can't believe NBC is letting Sarah Palin on the show tonight. She won't give live or even taped interviews to the press and she won't appear on their news shows, but NBC let's her appear on SNL? Lovely. She's spewing hate, lies and the worst kind of garbage around the country and someone at NBC thinks having her on Saturday Night Live will be funny?

Dan Savage, wonders why NBC didn't insist on that as a pre-condition of the appearance. I wonder too. As a protest, I'm NOT going to watch her tonight. And on the chance that she makes a total ass of herself or that Loren Michael gets Brian WIlliams to jump out LIVE on stage to force her to take real questions, I'll Tivo it

Originally posted on patty.vox.com