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Europe Dec 2008 008Europe Dec 2008 009

We saw this statue in Brussels and I took a couple of photographs. It reminded me of the piece of art we bought last year in Amsterdam. However, there was no sign or plaque noting the name of the piece, the artist or its origin.

So this evening I was looking online to see what I could find about it by Google searching. We're still in Germany so I had to get Google to cooperate and speak English to me, but then I tried searching "lovers statue Brussels" and variations including adding "stone" "outdoor" "and even added the location near where we spotted it, the Theatre de la Monnaie.  And nothing. It's as if this piece of art in the center of Brussels doesn't exist.

This is not a small piece of art. It's life sized in fact. And it's right out in a public space. But the only thing I could find on it online was one man's photo of it on Flickr, from 2006. One. No other images, no background, no history.

That seems so weird to me.

So I'm putting it out there as a Vox challenge. Do any of you know anything about this sculpture? Or care to play detective for me?

Originally posted on patty.vox.com