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On Vox: Be Careful What You Slice

I made this delicious salad for Thanksgiving that required thinly sliced pieces of fennel, which I cut by hand.

However, cutting the fennel super thinly with a knife seemed like not the most efficient way to go, and I did want to make this salad again and again. Hand slicing the fennel extra thing also pointed out that there was a useful kitchen gadget that I did not have. (I have a lot of kitchen ware).

Pulling up Amazon and instant clicking for my free two-day shipping, I bought myself a mandolin slicer. Reading the reviews, it became obvious that the only feature that people had concerns over with this mandolin was the wicked sharp blade. There were several stories of bloody accidents and cautions about being very very careful when using it, cleaning it and storing it. I took note, but I wanted that sharp blade and I imaged all the things I could slice with it. 

The first time I used the mandolin to cut fennel, it worked like a charm; and no accidents. The second time, I decided to slice some cucumbers very very thinly for a Japanese style salad. Apparently over-confident in my skills with my new kitchen tool or perhaps simply distracted (I've had a bit weighing on my mind of late), I managed to remove a perfectly thin slice of skin from the tip of my middle finger. Bloody hell! And bloody cucumbers!

Perhaps I should upload these photos along with a review on Amazon. It seems that maybe some people need visuals to go along with the warnings to be very very careful. If I'd seen these, I might have been more careful. But maybe not. 


Originally posted on patty.vox.com