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I received this message last night via Facebook. I vaguely remember some shenanigans in the tunnels in college that involved some of us writing on the walls. But have no specific recollection of what this might have said. I'm going to ask my college roommate and look in a photo album that I believe has a picture of us in the tunnels, but thought it might be fun if people wanted to guess.

My first thought was "Patty Mitchell doesn't fucking get it." I never did like things I couldn't understand and its plausible to see myself writing something like that down on the gray walls underground between the buildings on campus back in the early 80s.

Anyone care to take a guess at what it could have said? Don't worry, I don't have thin skin, at least not about the past. But know this, I was not one of those girls, even back in the 80s, who had a reputation for anything more scandelous than making controversial statements in political sciene class. Well, there was that incident with the mushrooms...

I'm a junior at Carleton, and I'm writing an article for the paper about the legends that have been written about people in graffiti over the years. My friend and I ventured into the tunnels under Myers tonight and saw a piece of graffiti that read: "Patty Mitchell doesn't opt[unclear] it."

We're curious if you know the meaning behind this piece of graffiti, if there is other graffiti about you, if there was graffiti about a specific person other than you, or any interesting things you can recall about graffiti or your time at Carleton. If you can't think of anything, that's okay too.

Thanks for your help

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