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On Vox: Cooking Up Some Holiday Storms

raw fresh shrimp
mixing the batter
the batter is ready
the shrimp tortillita is cooking
Mark Bittman's Tortillita for Easter brunch

I must be feeling homesick, but where is home? Home is mostly certainly here in California, but most of my family, with the exception of my daughter, live in Minnesota and are having an Easter meal at my sister and brother-in-law's place today in Minneapolis. I have a big dining room table and plenty of room now (especially since emptying my living room of almost all it's furniture). I miss making holiday meals with lots of friends and family.

So I've been cooking this weekend. 

On Friday I made a cauliflower, garlic, lemon saffron soup but just tossing things together from the kitchen. It was delicious. 

On Friday night, I watched several Mark Bittman "Minimalist" segments on that I download on TiVo and woke up on Saturday inspired to go grocery shopping with an actual list and cook some more. Deborah, Cassie and Laurel were coming over Saturday evening and my aspirations to make several things got the best of me, because I started several things, but never finished anything before they arrived. (At least I had plenty of wine on hand!)

Plus I couldn't find the chickpea flour I needed for the main dish I wanted to make and roasting beets resulted in me not wanting to get my hands red cutting them up for the salad I was planning to make. So we ended up eating the fresh bread and yummy cheese that Laurel brought and I added some hummus and olive spreads and served what remained of the cauliflower soup...and kept pouring wine.  

But today I decided to put all the inspiration and shopping to good use and after a trip to Whole Foods for the right flour, made Bittman's "Tortillitas with Shrimp" and a roasted whole chicken with gravy. I didn't get to completing the beet salad recipe, but I did find a pair of rubber gloves so I could peel and slice them up for later in the week. And the house does smell like a home.



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