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On Vox: Happy Tears

Maybe you all have already seen both these "viral" videos circling the web, but I saw them both for the first time tonight and wanted them in my blog's library. Like this one and this one before it.

Maybe I'm just being a sentiment sap because today I just found out that my baby sister is taking a train all the way here to be with me for two whole weeks while I have and recover from this surgery I've been putting off for nearly two years because of stupid fears.

Maybe it's hormonal.

Maybe there's some pent up emotional sludge still living under the surface (ya, think?!) of my "back-to-normal" facade post the [this is happy] segment of my personal life. 

But no matter what the reason, both these articles and videos brought me to tears tonight.

Happy hopeful helpful tears. The kind you get when you see and feel something that strikes a cord of genuine connectedness with other people. And I wanted to share them with anyone who happens to be in the audience or at the train station with me today.

You will want to read this brilliant social commentary by Collette Douglas Home before watching the video of Susan Boyle's first public performance.

If the video doesn't play on Vox, click on it and you'll see it on YouTube.


Then read why Alex Leo thinks this video has the appeal it does, even though it was made to promote a television show.


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