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On Vox: At Or Near The Best Meal Ever

I'm in Paris as some of you are aware. Paris is wonderful. How could it not be? Photos and commentary coming later. But today...well today, I might have had the best meal I've ever eatten. If it wasn't, it was close. Mark and I went to Taillevent for lunch. I don't recall all the wine pairings, but will add them later but for now, enjoy the courses with us.

First. I didn't get a photo of the scrumptous little cheese fritter bites or the bread. Suffice it to say both were amazing. The temperature of the fritters was warm and perfect.

Then came the Gazbacho with mustard ice cream. It had itty bitty little crispy crunchie croutons in it and was chiled to perfection. Next came crab with thinly sliced radishes and a basil lemon sauce. Served at just above room temperature. Note the tiny dots of basil sauce all around the dish. Perfection!







Then came the lobster with a sweet vanilla gelee and mango chutney. Oh my my my. Followed by a wheat berry risotto with tiny chanterelles and some sauce that was divine. Then came a (grilled, baked?) fillet of red snapper with a tomato confit and a stick of mashed potato that was crispy on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside. Off to the side of that was a sprig of dill with a baked (?) leaf of basil.


Next, (es, there's more in the chef's tasting menu) came duck with black cherries roasted on a spear made from a vanilla bean with fresh almonds and more basil garnish, this time it looked like the herb had been put on the plate with an airbrush or something. The sauce had a vanilla edge to it as well, carrying the themes of the seasonal market goodies through the meal. Yes, it was beyond good, beyond great and had moved into an art form worthy of salivation, respect, awe and many "ooo la la la"s.


Next came a shephard's cheese (goat?) heavenly thingie with a cherry topping, fresh baby leaves of argula, dusted with pepper and garnished with a chip/cookie/toast morsel.

Lastly, but certainly no after-thought, came the desserts. First a lychee mousse with raspberry and some wonderful crispy sweet piece on top. Mark's quote after one bite of this was "I've never had anything this good in my life" followed by "I could die now". But there was no need for an early demise, because next there was the three layers of chocolate lovliness to follow. A mousse in the middle, a crispy sweet crust on the bottom and a spun crown of chocolate candy on top. Oh and don't forget a little gold leaf for color!

As if that was not enough, there was a plate of more desserts offered "just in case" which contained a peanut, pistachio nut square, a raspberry macaroon (my first), a cookie crispy bit, a chocolate cup with a wedge of something that looked like an ivory colored chinese sail with green leaves embossed on it but tasted like white chocolate cream with mint and three raspberries in a little tart.  

desserts lychee mousse raspberry chocolate and cookie crustchocolate cake gold leafdessert wines with dessertthe "just in case" desserts

And this doesn't yet talk about the wines...magnifique!




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