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On Vox: Posting to (for?) Vox

Yes, I l know I haven't been posting here lately. Why?

Can't say I'm too busy really. I'm not.

Avoidance of something? Maybe. Likely?

A desire for more privacy? Yes, but that does not explain the lack of "friends (or me) only" posting.

Fear that Vox is has run it's course and the lack of support for the platform will make my three years here come to an end sooner than I'd like? There's some of that. Although I don't believe Vox is going to just disappear three years of posts, it's depressing to continue to try to use a platform that gets no attention from its creators and just gets buggier and harder to use by the day. I really wish there was an export tool. If there was I'd take these three years there in a heartbeat. Community or not.

A community on the wane? Yes, there's some of that. I'm not the only one that doesn't post or comment much anymore. While there are still lurkers reading, the vitality of the community has disappeared and there wasn't that much of it to begin with anyway. 

Twitter and Facebook? Those two platforms have certainly pulled me away from a richer format like Vox. I think that's sad actually. Twitter is like blogging with severe ADD and Facebook has more community features, but doesn't support anything much substantive and leaves no room for making it into something aking to a personal journal. Maybe I should just use my LiveJournal for what I'm is lacking here and in other places? Maybe. But who's over there anymore?


It's sad Vox never amounted to anything we'd hoped it would become.  

Originally posted on patty.vox.com