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Maybe you've already seen this, but "Glamour" Magazine ran a couple of small photos of 20 year-old Lizzie Miller without clothes in their September issue and it's caused some buzz.



Because this model weighs 180 lbs, is a size 12-14 and likes her body.


Minimal make-up. No sexy shoes or lingerie. No air-brushing. With the backside, thighs and belly most of the women (including those revered in art through the Ages) who most men are likely to see naked, Lizzie Miller has every reason to smile and be a spokesperson for confidence.

Remember the Dove "Real Beauty" ad campaign? Let's hope our standards for beauty when it comes to advertising and marketing continue to move in the direction of this kind of "modern realism".

What "Glamour" did, although admittedly not on their cover, is in stark contrast to what "Self" magazine did to Kelly Clarkson in their "True To Yourself" issue. Listen to the  nonsense coming out of the mouth of their editor.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com