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At the start of the day I thought I knew what today's "Note From The Universe" meant and I laughed out loud at its perfect timing and choice of words.

Thinking brand new thoughts that you've never thought before, Patty, is wildly more conducive to creating big life changes than just thinking different varieties of the same old thoughts.

Think about it -
    The Universe

p.s. Like, where will you be at this time next year, Patty? Who will you be playing elephant polo with? And what will you be dreaming of after you get your sense of integrity?

However, at the end of this day, I am less certain what it means than when the day started.

But it is Friday the 13th and perhaps it's time to think some entirely new thoughts.

The Universe is looking out for me. I just need to keep listening. 


Originally posted on patty.vox.com