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On Vox: That's The Plan Anyway

I'm not sure I'll get to making all of it, but I am set for the following menu for Thanksgiving.

There are a couple of extra chairs at the table if you're interested!

Now I'd better get prepping because so far I'll I've made is the cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving 2009

Deviled eggs

Variety of cheeses with French bread


Corn Lemongrass Soup with crab and mussels

Arugula Fennel Mint Prosciutto Pomegranate Salad


Turkey – brined and deep fried

Cranberry sauce – with ginger and Cointreau

Traditional Stuffing with pancetta          

Mashed new potatoes with skins on, and mascarpone and chives

Gravy -

Pearl onions roasted with a port reduction and bay

Green beans sauteed with wildrice, mushrooms, bell peppers and pinenuts


Crème Brule

Pumpkin pie with whipped creme

There's much to be grateful for and I try to remind myself of that every day.


Some days I forget. 


But I'm glad there's one day of the year when we in the United States are invited to take stock of the abundance in our lives. I hope each of you are with people who are grateful for YOU this year and who express it.


Happy Thanksgiving!  



Originally posted on patty.vox.com