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On Vox: Wedding Vows

Someone asked me if Amin was a Muslim.

He is.

Then tey asked what kind of a wedding ceremony we were going to have. (If you're not friends on Facebook you might not have heard this news, but Amin and I are engaged and planning a wedding in October.)

I said "a non-denominational one."

Which prompted him to ask if I remember the wedding vows in the movie "Serial" with Martin Mull which was set in Marin County in the late 70's.

I remembered the movie because for some reason my sister Nancy mentioned it a few months ago too, but I didn't remember the wedding vows, until I looked them up online. The Internet is so handy that way.

I'm sure ours will be something similar. Kidding, of course!

Fellow members of the human community, this is the wedding of two separatenesses.

You-ness, One-ness, Us-ness, We-ness.
Yours-ness, My-ness, Our-ness, Happiness.
Now, I want to know where your head is at.

Thank you Martha for pushing my button.
Thank you for wanting me to participate in your life for I am an asshole and being an asshole is neither good nor bad, it just is.

I think that says it all. I now announce you pair-bonded for as long as your relationship continues.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com