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On Vox: Blog

As most of you probably already know, Vox is closing down at the end of the month.

I already backed my blog up to Wordpress several months ago, but I'm also importing it Typepad where the public posts will eventually live at http://www.pattymitchell.com/vox/ 

The bummer of all this isn't lost content. It will all still be there in both places. The loss is one of community and connection. That was the magic of Vox. The way is made it easy to post with different privacy levels and to share our lives as we chose with friends, families and strangers...and having strangers become friends over time and circumstances. 

My dear friends were here. Some of my family were here from time to time. I've gone through a lot and shared a lot on these pages. I've shared more with some of you than others and some things I've written were just for me.

I don't think it's possible for the connections made and sustained here to be recreated elsewhere.

That makes me sad.

Originally posted on patty.vox.com